Exploring IUPUI is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between students from the Media Arts and Science program in the School of Informatics and Computing and the Department of History in the School of Liberal Arts.

Exploring IUPUI uses 3D modeling and Web technology to facilitate place making by encouraging users to explore the legacy and heritage of the IUPUI campus through a virtual space (exterior only). By navigating through the landscape via a Web browser or VR device, users can stroll through the campus geographically and temporally to interact with various sources, including images, videos, audio, and text, to better understand the history of the University while examining what the campus offers today. This augmented interactive experience is fun, engaging, and edifying. The goal is to better communicate what IUPUI is and how it has evolved since its establishment in 1969.



Dr. Edgar Huang - Co-PI
Andrew Townsend - Co-PI

Project Management

Andrew Townsend - Project Manager

History Team

Andrew Townsend
Dr. Elizabeth Nelson
Ashlee Kimmell
Keenan Salla
Austen Hurt
Jerome Bingham
Cassandra Thomas
Leon Bates

3D/VR Team

Travis Faas M.S - Co-Director, VR IUPUI
Albert William M.S. - Consultant
Zebulun M. Wood M.S. - Consultant
Jonathan Neal - Lead Developer
Kevin Miller - Developer
Sean Hilbert - 3D Asset Manager
Nathan Nodely - Lead Environmental Artist

N441 3D Production Class 2017 Building Team

Hayden Bailey (Model Team A, Lead)
Dexter Siberell (Model Team B, Lead)
Andrew Bush
Alexander Bullock
Ryan Conrad
Calen Potter
Terry Summers

N420 Multimedia Project Development Spring 2018

Meg Hallam - Project Manager
Kendrick Allen
Noel Keith
Youjun Lu

Web Design

Web Director - Robert Skipworth Comer M.S.
Web Design and Development - Lisha Chen
Database Design and Development - Lisha Chen
UI/UX Design and Development - Lisha Chen
UI/UX Contributor - Raj Narayanaswamy
Website Support and Maintenance -
Saket Talware

Special thanks to:

Intermediate Video Class N353, Spring 2018
IUPUI Special Collections
IUPUI Architectural Office
UITS Research Technologies
     - Advanced Visualization Lab