Hine Hall

Built as the University Hotel in 1983, Hine Hall was repurposed in 2013 as a center for lecture halls, classrooms, and offices.


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Hine Hall & Serving the Community

A Themed Learning Community in 2015 from the School of Liberal Arts completed a service learning pro

Since 1998, IUPUI has been a part of the nationwide initiative for campus-wide service learning titled "Campus Compact." IUPUI's dedication to service learning has been fostered by Hine Hall. Situated within Hine Hall is the Center for Service & Learning, the office for service work and scholarship programs through the Sam H. Jones Foundation. In 2013, the same year the Center for Service & Learning moved to Hine Hall, IUPUI was named one of the top universities for service learning programs by the renowned U.S. News & World Report on America's Best Colleges.

Hine Hall Dedication

University Place Hotel prior to becoming the Tower and Hine Hall.

Prior to its purpose as a center for innovative classrooms and meeting places for service learning, Hine Hall was a part of the University Place Hotel. University Place Hotel, built in 1987, served the Indianapolis and international community alike as a location for many important events. In 2013, the eastern half of University Place Hotel became Hine Hall, named after former Chancellor Maynard Hine.

Maynard Hine’s Contributions to IUPUI as a Commuter Campus

Former IUPUI chancellor Maynard K. Hine.

Maynard K. Hine, President of the IU School of Dentistry starting in 1945, made great contributions to IUPUI’s campus, putting it on the map as an innovative campus that could keep up with its IU sister school. In 1969, Hine became the first Chancellor of IUPUI. As Chancellor, Hine held true to his promise to create a campus that would support the great academic programs from both IU and Purdue. Hine also helped IUPUI become a campus focused on commuters by recruiting working parents and individuals in urban communities to come study at IUPUI. This helped IUPUI not only become a campus conducive for commuters, but also for individuals who already had jobs as many part time programs were offered in credit to Hine.

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